Featured Project: BOLD FORM. FOR NEW YORK'S BRAVEST. The Greenpoint EMS Station by Michielli + Wyetzner Architects.
The new EMS Station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn sparkles with energy. As a part of New York's Department of Design and Construction Design Excellence program, Michielli + Wyetzner Architects have crafted a refined identity for emergency ambulance services in this flourishing neighborhood. Michielli + Wyetzner derived the unique shape of the structure from the transition between a tall four-bay garage, colored in FDNY red, and more intimate support and administration spaces on the first floor. Connecting the two areas is a double-height atrium (photograph right) that brings ample daylight and transparency throughout a variety of program areas. The second floor contains a kitchen/lounge, training areas and locker rooms. The interior spaces are defined with a mix of raw and refined materials, juxtaposing large expanses of glass with painted steel and polished exposed block. Architect: Michielli + Wyetzner Architects Special Thanks: Rebecca Arcaro and Travis Brown for help with the shoot.

RAZUMMEDIA loves the built environment. We are inspired by the power of the abstract in the shaping of experience. We think of ourselves as instruments of intentionality, exploring the implementations of great design, and distilling photographic vignettes that offer insight into the ideas that shape our world.

RAZUMMEDIA is the architectural photography practice of Alexander Severin. Alexander graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Architecture, and began his career as an architectural designer. As he developed his eye for the photographic representation of architecture, Alexander began photographing interiors while continuing to work as a designer. He committed to the practice of photography in 2009 and received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2011.

With RAZUMMEDIA, Alexander has developed a reputation for his visual awareness, understanding of space and focus on creating striking images that communicate the essence of every project. Alexander's inquisitive approach ensures the intentions of the designer shine through each photograph. His images have been featured in a variety of design publications, and have represented a number of award-winning projects.

Alexander splits his time between his commercial architectural photography practice, a fine art practice and teaching digital imaging at CUNY City College of Technology.

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